FME World Tour 2018 – gallery

FME World Tour is a cyclical event signed by the FME producer – Safe Software. This year takes place in over 70 places in the world.
The event in Warsaw (29.03.2018) gathered almost 130 people from various industries.

Representatives of Globema, GUGiK, KGHM, MPU in Lodz, OPEGIEKA, Netia, MPEC Cracow, ARUP, SHH and Advanced Business Services talked about the use of FME in their organizations. The participants could learn about new functionalities, formats and functions of FME 2018, as well as learn the details of projects in which FME is a key tool. Speakers told about the use of FME not only in typical organizations developing geospatial data, but also among others on the use of FME in mining and heating.


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